Shannon Whirry Direct to Video Queen

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In the early 90s, the VHS market was in high gear. Video stores actually still existed and the demand for movies was high. Out of this was born the direct to video movie. Anyone worth their weight as a bad movie expert will know that the queen of the direct to video market was the amply endowed Shannon Whirry.

Shannon Whirry

Shannon Whirry Animal Instinct

Her movies played like rehashed old Hollywood noir films. Often, Whirry played the femme fatale, seducing weak willed, stupid men. It goes without saying the films were more than a bit sexist but there was little point being offended. These films weren’t trying to be socially redeeming.


Shannon Whirry was born November 7, 1964 in Green Lake, Wi. Whirry started in the erotic B-movie industry. Her large breasts, and willingness to put them on display help Whirry get a leg up on her competition.


Shannon Whirry Filmography –

  • Out for Justice (1991), Terry Malloy
  • Animal Instincts (1992), Joanna Cole


  • Sliver (1993), Woman Looking in Mirror (uncredited)
  • Body of Influence (1993) (V), Laura/Lana


  • Mirror Images II (1994) (V), Carrie/Terrie
  • Animal Instincts 2 (1994), Joanna Cole
  • Lady in Waiting (1994), Lori
  • Private Obsession (1995), Emmanuelle Griffith


  • The Granny (1995), Kelly Gargoli
  • Dangerous Prey (1995), Robin
  • Ringer (fr) (1996), Kristin/Tracy
  • Playback (1996), Karen Stone
  • Exit (1996), Diane
  • Retroactive (1997), Rayanne
  • Omega Doom (1997), Zed
  • Fatal Pursuit (1998), Jill
  • The Prophet’s Game (1999), Barb
  • Lying in Wait (2000), Lois
  • Me, Myself & Irene (2000), Beautiful Mom
  • Active Stealth (2000) (V), Gina Murphy
  • Mach 2 (2001), Shannon Carpenter
  • Mike Hammer: Song Bird (2003) (V), Velda (Mike Hammer‘s secretary)
  • Jolene (2008), Teacher
  • Longshot (2008), Lydia
  • Middle Men (2009), Screaming Mother



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