Jess Franco and Lina Romay: Husband and Wife Auteurs

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There have been many great film auteurs in cinema history but, when you  read the dictionary definition of what an auteur is, a strong case could be made for the husband and wife team of Jess Franco and Lina Romay. Together, over a 40 year period, they forged themselves on well over 100 films.


Their first film of note together was the one they are best known for, The Bare Breasted Countess. An R-rated version titled The Female Vampire was released on VHS and became the introduction to Franco’s films and Romay’s work as an actress. There were several versions shot of the with various degrees of hardcore inserts installed.

Unlike most actress, even the ones in the Euro sex film genre, Lina Romay had no qualms about performing in hardcore scenes, nor, for that matter did Franco have any about shooting her doing the scenes, even after they became a live in couple. That aspect never seemed to matter to them. They were a normal couple.


Together, Franco and Romay would build an extensive filmography on very little money. They would divide their time shuttling between Germany, Spain and France, most of their films were the products co-productions between the various countries. As the 70s wore on, Franco and Romay turned more and more to hardcore porn to pay the bills.


As the 80s drug on, the last bit of quality would abandon Franco and his films and what was left was direct to video efforts with very little quality involved.

Revenge of the Alligator Ladies (as Jess Franco)
 2012Al Pereira vs. the Alligator Ladies (as Jess Franco)
 2012La cripta de las condenadas: Parte II (as Jess Franco)
 2012La cripta de las condenadas (as Jess Franco)
 2010Paula-Paula (Video) (as Jess Franco)
 2008A Bad Day at the Cemetery (as Jess Franco)
 2008A Bad Day at the Cemetery II (as Jess Franco)
 2006Montes de Venus
 2005Snakewoman (as Jess Franco)
 2005Jess Franco’s Passion (Video)
 2002Killer Barbys vs. Dracula (as Jess Franco)
 2002Incubus (Video)
 2001Vampire Junction (as Jess Franco)
 2000Blind Target (as Jess Franco)
 2000Helter Skelter (as Clifford Brown Jr.)
 1999Broken Dolls (as Jess Franco)
 1999Dr. Wong’s Virtual Hell (as Jess Franco)
 1999Red Silk (Video) (as Clifford Brown Jr.)
 1999Vampire Blues (Video) (as Jess Franco)
 1998Lust for Frankenstein (Video)
 1998Mari-Cookie and the Killer Tarantula (Video) (as Jess Franco)
 1997Tender Flesh (as Jess Franco)
 1996Vampire Killer Barbys (as Jess Franco)
 1993Jungle of Fear (Video)
 1988Dark Mission: Evil Flowers (as Jess Franco)
 1987Slave of Crime (as James Lee Johnson)
 1987Faceless (as Jess Franco)
 1987Falo Crest (as Lennie Hayden)
 1987Phollastía (as Betty Carter)
 1987Las chicas del tanga (as Rosa Almirall, unconfirmed)
 1986Sida, la peste del siglo XX (as Clifford Brown)
 1986Las chuponas (uncredited)
 1986Alone Against Terror (as Clifford Brown)
 1986Entre pitos anda el juego (uncredited)
 1986El mirón y la exhibicionista (as Lulu Laverne)
 1986El ojete de Lulú (as Candy Coster)
 1986Las tribulaciones de un Buda Bizco (as Jess Franco)
 1985El chupete de Lulú (as Lulú Laverne)
 1985Un pito para tres (uncredited)
 1985Dirty Game in Casablanca (as Jess Franco)
 1985Bangkok, cita con la muerte (as Clifford Brown)
 1985La esclava blanca (as Clifford Brown)
 1985Viaje a Bangkok, ataúd incluido (as Jess Franco)
 1984Una rajita para dos (as Rosa María Almirall)
 1984Lilian (la virgen pervertida) (as Clifford Brawn)
 1984¿Cuánto cobra un espía? (as Jess Franco)
 1984Night of 1,000 Sexes (as Jess Franco)
 1984Historia sexual de O (as Jess Franco)
 1984Camino solitario (as Jess Franco)
 1983Macumba sexual (as Jess Franco)
 1983Diamonds of Kilimandjaro (as C. Plaut in English version, as C. Plaut in English version)
 1983Cecilia (uncredited)
 1983La noche de los sexos abiertos (as Jess Franco)
 1983Botas negras, látigo de cuero (as Jess Franco)
 1983Blood on My Shoes (as Clifford Brown)
 1983Claire (as Clifford Brown)
 1983En busca del dragón dorado (as James P. Johnson)
 1982Oasis of the Zombies (as A.M. Frank)
 1982El huésped de la niebla (Short documentary) (uncredited)
 1982Emmanuelle Exposed (as Clifford Brown)
 1981Lola 2000
 1981The Story of Linda (as Jack Griffin)
 1981Hellhole Women (as Jess Franco)
 1981Sex Is Crazy (as Jesse Franco)
 1980Devil Hunter (as Clifford Brown)
 1980White Cannibal Queen (as Jess Franco)
 1979Jailhouse Wardress (original footage, uncredited)
 1979Justine and the Whip (as Dave Tough)
 1978Cocktail spécial (as Clifford Brown)
 1978Tropical Inferno (as Jess Franco)
 1978East of Berlin (as Anton Martin Frank)
 1977Call of the Blonde Goddess (as Jess Franco)
 1977Love Camp (as Jess Franco)
 1977Sexy Sisters (as Jess Franco)
 1977Das Frauenhaus (as Jess Franco)
 1977Shining Sex (as Dan L. Simon)
 1977Kiss Me Killer (as Roland Marceignac)
 1977Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun (as Jess Franco)
 1976In 80 Betten um die Welt (uncredited)
 1976Jack the Ripper (as Jess Franco)
 1976Girls in the Night Traffic (uncredited)
 1976Weiße Haut und schwarze Schenkel (as Dave Tough)
 1976Les emmerdeuses (as Clifford Brown)
 1976Barbed Wire Dolls (as Jess Franco)
 1976Midnight Party (as James Gardner in French version, as James Gardner in French version)
 1976Golden Jail (as Adolf M. Frank)
 1975L’éventreur de Notre-Dame (as James P. Johnson)
 1975Les chatouilleuses (as Clifford Brown)
 1975But Who Raped Linda? (as J.P. Johnson, Rick Deconinck in Italy)
 1975Le jouisseur (as Clifford Brown)
 1975Female Vampire (as J.P. Johnson)
 1975The Mark of Zorro (uncredited)
 1975Women Behind Bars (as A.M. Frank)
 1974The Perverse Countess (as Clifford Brown)
 1974Lorna the Exorcist (as Clifford Brown)
 1974Celestine, Maid at Your Service (as Clifford Brown)
 1974Plaisir à trois (as Clifford Brown)
 1974The Lustful Amazons (as Clifford Brown)
 1974Lovers of Devil’s Island (as Jesus Franco)
 1973Les gloutonnes (as Clifford Brown)
 1973A Virgin Among the Living Dead (as Jess Franco)
 1973Eugénie (as Jess Franco)
 1973The Demons (as Clifford Brown)
 1973Tendre et perverse Emanuelle (as J.P. Johnson)
 1972Les ebranlées (as Clifford Brown)
 1972Dr. M schlägt zu (as Jess Frank)
 1972La fille de Dracula (as Jess Franco)
 1972Robinson and His Tempestuous Slaves (as Frank Hollmann)
 1972Der Todesrächer von Soho (as Jess Frank)
 1972Les cauchemars naissent la nuit (as Jess Franco)
 1972Jungfrauen-Report (as Jess Frank)
 1971Sie tötete in Ekstase (as Frank Hollmann)
 1971X312 – Flight to Hell (as Jess Frank)
 1971Vampyros Lesbos (as Franco Manera)
 1971The Devil Came from Akasava (as Jess Frank)
 1970Juliette (Short)
 1970Count Dracula (as Jesse Franco)
 1970Eugenie (as Jess Franco)
 1970The Bloody Judge (as J. Frank Manera)
 1969Venus in Furs (as Jess Franco)
 1969Marquis de Sade’s Justine (as Jess Franco)
 1969Rio 70 (as Jess Franco)
 196999 Women (as Jess Franco)
 1968The Blood of Fu Manchu (as Jess Franco)
 1968Succubus (as Jess Franco)
 1967Lucky, el intrépido (as Jess Franco)
 1966The Diabolical Dr. Z (as J. Franco)
 1966Cartes sur table (as J. Franco)
 1965La isla del tesoro (Short)
 1964The Mistresses of Dr. Jekyll (as Jess Franck)
 1962La mano de un hombre muerto (as Jess Frank)
 1960El destierro del Cid (Documentary short)
 1959Las playas vacías (Documentary short)
 1959Oro español (Documentary short)
 1957El árbol de España (Documentary short)

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